iBusiness streamlines the funding process, working with lenders and businesses directly to apply our proprietary algorithms and proven modeling methods. We complete a thorough and rapid review of an application in less than 24 hours, and are at your side through the entire process. Let us help you provide working capital to small business easier.

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Every business needs to re-invest in their operation in order to grow and expand. Whether that’s in equipment, renovations, marketing, a new location or staff, iBusiness is here to help. We partner with other lenders in the space and help them provide businesses the flexible repayment options that we are confident will guarantee sucess.

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iBusiness Funding is making a difference in the world of small business capital. We provide services for other lender and make funding small business quicker and easier.

Contact us to find out why many lenders are successfully trusting us as their primary funding partner.

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Applying for small business capital can be challenging, but iBusiness Funding will provide a smooth experience during the funding process. Our clients can expect a decision within 24 hours with a custom and personal offer that fits their business needs.

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We provide working capital to small and medium-sized businesses every day. Get a decision in less than 24 hours and up to $500k deposited directly into your business account in 72 hours or less.

Our Mission:

Remove the "friction" between small businesses and Lenders - allowing small
businesses to grow by enabling Lenders through technology and innovation.

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