In e-commerce, customer loyalty is hard to win and incredibly easy to lose. See how additional working capital can help fund customer engagement and incentives programs.

E-Commerce and Online Business Funding

Challenges for E-Commerce and Online Business

E-commerce and other online businesses have lower overhead than brick-and-mortar stores, which often means higher profits. However, without a physical location, you have to spend money to get in front of online customers and bring in new customers. Additionally, if your business starts to pick up rapidly, you need to be able to quickly scale up inventory and support to meet demand.

Finding Funding

You need access to working capital to meet these challenges and capitalize on opportunities, but securing loans from banks can be difficult. If your business is smaller, or you’ve had credit issues in the past, you may be turned away. Even if you qualify, it can take up to several months to get the cash you need now.

Working Capital from iBusiness

Working capital from iBusiness is different. We evaluate your application based on your real-world business data, not on just personal FICO scores, and make a decision in less than 24 hours. If you are approved, you can get up to $250k deposited directly into your business account in 72 hours or less. How do you pay it back? We work with you to find the correct product that will be automatically deducted from your business bank account.

Advancing Your Business

What can you use your funding for? It’s up to you, but e-commerce and online business owners have used their working capital for:

  • Developing a secure and compelling website
  • Buying online ads to drive traffic and conversions
  • Buying inventory

How do you know if you qualify? Most businesses that have been around for at least six months and have a monthly revenue of $6,500 or more can get funding from iBusiness. Don’t wait any longer – click the “get started now” button or call us at 855-462-4249.

Giving the Power Back to Small Business

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