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5 Tips From President’s Day That Can Help You Grow Your Busines

It’s time to celebrate President’s Day and this year can be the year you use a working capital to grow your business. This National holiday is one that most people don’t pay attention to unless they get the day off or want to hit the President’s day sale at the local car dealership. However, there are tips that small business owners can take away from the holiday to help them grow their business.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

The holiday was started to celebrate George Washington. We know him as the “Father of Our Country” and first president, however, before that he was a successful businessman. President Washington started out as a land surveyor. He made enough surveying that he had enough working capital to begin acquiring land.

He inherited the land known as Mount Vernon when his half-brother died. Washington successfully farmed the land. And, through his hard work over the years, he grew the property from 2,000 acres to 8,000 acres.

These things were in addition to eventually leading the Virginia militia through the French and Indian War, serving in the House of Burgesses, leading as General during the American Revolution, and being the first President of the United States. Had he been afraid to try new things we would not be celebrating his birthday 218 years later.

2. Diversify

George Washington was diverse. He made money throughout his life from surveying, farming, and working in the Government. He knew how to use diversification to earn money. On Mount Vernon, he managed five farms. Instead of focusing on one crop, he grew multiple crops and orchards. He also used the land to breed mules and run a successful fishery.

He didn’t keep all his “eggs in one basket”. As a small business owner, you should look for ways that your business can successfully diversify your products or services. Working capital can help you accomplish this goal.

3. Be a Leader

Washington was a leader, and that is why we celebrate his birthday today. During the American Revolution Washington was known for the way that he led the troops. He was not for his strategy for devising battle plans because his skill was in his ability to lead.

As a business owner it can be easy to feel like you have a difficult group to lead, however, it can not be as bad as what Washington had to work with. He had to lead a group of men into battle who were low on supplies. They didn’t have enough food or ammo and their spirits were down. Some even went without shoes throughout the winter. However, George Washington was able to keep this group of men together and motivated to go into battle.

The most successful business people are those that have the ability to lead. Take time to learn the difference between being “the boss” and being a leader.

4. Make it Work for You

The holiday was originally called “Washington’s Birthday” and was celebrated on his actual day of birth. However, in 1971 the Federal Government made the holiday work for them. They renamed it President’s Day and began recognizing it nationally and moved it to the third Monday in February. This allows federal employees to be compensated for a three day weekend.

Sometimes in business, you have to take what you have and make it work for you. If you don’t have the finances you need at the moment, use your business revenue to obtain fast working capital, to provide you the funds you need.

5. Never Give Up

If there is nothing else that you take away from the holiday, let it be this tip. George Washington faced many trying situations, however, he never gave up. He was willing to fight through difficult situations to accomplish his goals. Thus, he was successful in business, Government, and life.

If you are going through a hard time in your business, don’t quit. Stay focused on your goal and be willing to think outside of the box to succeed.

Change Your Business on President’s Day with Working Capital

Many small business owners lack the working capital they need to continue growing their business. When they turn to traditional lenders to obtain a loan, they are often denied due to the strict requirements that lenders have. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t give up.

At iBusiness Funding, we believe in small business. Therefore, we specialize in providing working capital to businesses that can’t be approved through traditional sources. This year use the holiday as a time to move your business in the right direction for future growth.If you are wondering how to get working capital, the process is quick and easy at iBusiness Funding.

If you are wondering how to get working capital, the process is quick and easy at iBusiness Funding. You simply complete the online form to get the process started today.

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