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Working Capital – The One Thing Your Small Business Won’t Survive Without

There is a long list of things that “they” say you need to have in order for your business to succeed. The list includes things like: a website optimized for SEO, social media accounts to engage with people, the right technology, a staff that provides great customer service, and the list goes on. But, the truth is even if you have all of those things and the best product or service to sell, your business can’t survive without working capital.

Many small businesses struggle with having the working capital they need. The receivables seem to come in the moment the payables are due. And, there comes a point when the business cannot grow any more because there is not enough money to get ahead. Small business loans can help provide companies with the working capital they need. However, many small businesses are denied loans due to the long list of requirements that the bank has. iBusiness funding offers alternative working capital to help fill the gap for small businesses. How can working capital help your business grow?

Allows You to Hire the Staff that You Need to Grow

As small businesses begin to grow they usually run into a point where they can no longer take on additional work with the staff that they currently have. The obvious solution is to hire more people, however, the finances aren’t there to be able to pay them. It’s the perfect catch 22. You need people to make money, but you need money to hire people.

If you have been dreaming of seeing your business grow, it’s time to get access to the working capital you need. Whether you need to hire someone with a specialized degree to fill an important role, or just need a larger workforce to ramp up business you need the finances to keep moving forward.

Working Capital from iBusiness Funding gives you the freedom to use the funds anyway that you see fit to grow your business, including being able to meet a growing payroll.

Allows You to Bid on Larger Projects and Fill Larger Orders

If you don’t have the liquidity that you need in your business you might find yourself unable to bid on larger jobs or struggling to fill larger orders. Bigger jobs mean more supplies. If you have clients that are not paying upfront for their products or services how are you going to cover the expenses of the job until you receive payment? You won’t unless you have access to working capital.

What if you only have a temporary lapse in your ability to cover your expenses on a big job? With a working capital from iBusiness Funding you can get access to the capital that you need fast. The entire process can be completed in as little as 72 hours. That means you can wait to see if you get that big job before getting your funds. Traditional lenders can take months to approve a small business loan. That means you need to start the process of trying to get your loan long before you need access to the funds.

Allows You to Build the Web Presence that You Need to Grow

It’s true that word of mouth is the best advertising. However, word of mouth is happening online nowadays. That means your business needs to have a strong web presence. Just having a website is no longer enough. Now you need to have a website that is optimized to be found easily by the search engines. Social media marketing is becoming more popular, and more necessary for businesses, which means your business needs to be present on social media. The vast majority of consumers research a company online before choosing to do business with them.

It costs money to build a strong website, and it take time to build a social media presence. It is helpful to have someone on staff dedicated to your marketing plan and online content marketing, or the funds to hire a marketing company to handle the task for you. Funds from your working capital can help cover the costs. The internet allows you to expand your target market, and reach more people with your products and services.

What Could You Do if you had the Working Capital to do it?

How could your business grow with working capital? What’s the one thing you have been wanting to do with your business, but couldn’t because of finances? Do you have an idea for a new product? Are you interested in offering a new service? It’s time to stop wondering and dreaming about what could be in your business and start taking the steps to achieve it.

iBusiness Funding offers small businesses the working capital that can help turn your business dreams into reality. Unlike traditional loans, the process is both fast and easy. Businesses that have been open for 6 months, that have $10,000 in monthly revenue qualify. Here are some benefits of working capital from iBusiness Funding:

  • Easier to meet requirements. Your credit history does not play a role, and you don’t need to put up personal collateral to secure it.
  • Approval happens in as little as 72 hours, and you get immediate access to the funds.
  • Freedom to spend the funds where you need in your business. As the owner no one knows where your business needs capital to grow than you.
  • Repayment is made easy. Small payments are made daily from a small percentage of your daily merchant sales. That means the payments work with your business.
  • Renewable. Small businesses need additional funds from time to time in order to grow. Working capital is easily renewable. That means you can continue growing in the future.

What are you waiting for? Start the process of securing your working capital today.

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