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Facing Odds in your Business That Seem Impossible? Stay Motivated with 3 Lessons From the Brooklyn Bridge

It is easy for business owners today to think we are facing giant obstacles. Tasks such as getting loan approval for working capital for small business can feel almost impossible. However, there are many before us that achieved things that changed the world, or at least their community. A perfect example of this is the building of the Brooklyn Bridge back in 1883. People do achieve the impossible by complaining. It you are facing a difficult business situation, it’s time to take action. Here are some important lessons from the Brooklyn Bridge to keep you motivated to take action.

1. Big Ideas Take Time

People were talking of bridging the gap between Brookyn and New York since the beginning of the 1800s. However, this type of big idea was not thought to be a realistic idea at that time. The vastness of the East River seemed insurmountable to many people. In 1857 John Roebling was ready to try to connect the cities and drew up plans for a bridge that would have two large towers to help hold the cables. But, the Civil War started and all plans were put on hold. It was ten years before the state government moved forward with the plans, placing Roebling as the designer.

Many business owners face similar problems. You have a great idea for a business, or a way to expand your business, but the timing is wrong, or the funds aren’t there and your plans come to a halt. You have two options: complain and give up, or take action. Big ideas, especially ones that others think are impossible, can take time to achieve. Small business owners often run into the time problem when it comes to getting approved for loans that provide working capital for small business. If traditional lenders are holding your ideas back, give iBusiness Funding a try.

2. You Need Funding

It took a substantial amount of money to build the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a massive structure, and there was nothing at the time that could compare to it. The total cost for building the bridge was $15 million. That doesn’t sound like too much to use right now, but remember that was in the 1800’s. It is estimated that the project would cost us north of $320 million today.

There is no one that understands the need for working capital like  a small business owner. Whether you are providing a service, purchasing product, or paying your employees, you need money. Plain and simple. However, most small businesses experience a season of “growing pains”. They reach a point where they can get more businesses, but they need capital in order to do it, but they can’t get the capital they need until they have more business. That’s where lenders like iBusiness Funding can help by providing merchant cash advance loans that provide you with the working capital for small business that you need to grow.

3. You Need People to Accomplish Big Goals

John Roebling may have designed it, but you can bet it took more than one person to build the Brooklyn Bridge. In fact John was injured while visiting the site the bridge would be built at and died as a result of his injuries. His son took over as the designer. He was injured during the building of the bridge and had to rely on his wife to help lead the project to completion. Apart from the Roebling family, there were more than 600 workers that help build the bridge. They worked through extremely difficult and dangerous situations. More than a few dozen were killed were working on it. The building of the bridge could never have been completed without the man power that it had behind it.

As an entrepreneur it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself. This happens for many reasons. Pride is one of the biggest ones. Small business owners want to prove themselves to the world and feel like they need to be the ones working to accomplish their goals. Struggling with the ability to delegate is another problem for many entrepreneurs. One of the other big struggles for small business owners is lacking the capital they need to hire the right people If you find yourself in this situation there are alternative options to obtain working capital for small business.

Working Capital for Small Business from iBusiness Funding

If you have been turned down by traditional lenders for a small business loan, don’t be discouraged. Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the same situation. However, complaining and grumbling won’t do anything to help you. If you need working capital it is time to take action. iBusiness Funding works with small businesses to help them get them obtain the financing that they need to grow. Get started today with this simple online form.





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