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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

March 3, 2017 is designated as Employee Appreciation Day. It’s the chance for owners and bosses to let their employees know that all their work throughout the year is appreciated. And, while it might seem like just a ridiculous calendar holiday to some, it is a chance that you shouldn’t let pass by. Employees are the heart and soul of your company and obtaining a fast working capital can give you the financing you need to treat them right.

Many business owners use this day as a chance to buy lunch for their employees or send out a half-hearted thank you email. But, employees want and usually deserve more than that. Here are some ways that you can let your employees know how much you appreciate them.

1. Provide Them With Training

A great way to show your employees you appreciate them is by helping them further their training. Pay for your employees to be certified or trained in a specific area. This boosts your employee’s self-esteem because they know you believe in them. It will also help your business because your employees will be receiving training to help them on the job.

2. Purchase the Right Equipment

There are many businesses that are asking their employees to do work of the highest quality with subpar equipment. Make sure your employees have the equipment and software that they need to do their job the right way. And, you get bonus points for purchasing new technologies as they are released. Let your employee know you value the job they do. Ask them if they have any recommendations on equipment that would make their job easier or more efficient. Then use a fast working capital to buy the equipment you need to run your business right.

3. Participate in a Team Building Day

Get your employees out of the office for a day to do a little team building. People are able to connect better when they step away from their jobs and see each other as people and not just coworkers. Ask their opinion on what activities they would like to participate in. Look in your areas for team building activities like rope courses, obstacle courses, break into teams and go to an escape room, or plan a trivia game. Make sure to include a lunch or dinner for good measure.

4. Paid Time Off

Whether you let them leave an hour early or take a whole day off, employees enjoy having time off of work. In fact, many studies show that employees would rather have paid time off of work than a cash bonus. Look for chances to award employees with this opportunity even if they have to take turns.

5. Think Outside of the Box

Think about what would benefit your employees that they would enjoy that you could bring into the office. You could have a massage therapist providing chair massages throughout the day. Or, you could have a food truck show up during lunch with free food choices for your workers. Maybe you bring in a self-defense teacher or a yoga instructor after hours for people that are interested in free lessons. Look for ways that you can bring something of value to your employees at no cost to them.

6. ALWAYS Pay Them on Time

This might sound like an obvious thing to do to a lot of people, however, this is a common problem for small businesses. When a business is just starting out it can be hard to balance all of your finances. You might be waiting for a large check from a client before you can afford to cut paychecks. This is the #1 fastest way to lose good employees. Always pay them on time, no matter what you have to do.

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

Employees are the face of your business. If you have a service business, your employees are helping you serve your customers. If you have a manufacturing company, your employees are producing the product that you need your customers to buy. Good employees help a business grow. Bad employees can cause you to lose customers. The better you treat your employees the better they will treat you. All employees want to be recognized, so you need to look for ways to show your appreciation.

How a Fast Working Capital Can Help

Do you want to do all of these things for your employees, but panic at the thought of spending money to do it? If your bottom line is so tight that you can’t afford to treat your employees right it may be time for a fast working capital.

iBusiness Funding provides working capital to small businesses that traditional lenders are unable to do. We look at the revenue and potential of the business for our working capital approval process. ┬áThat means you don’t need to have a top credit score and you don’t need to have personal assets that we can hold as collateral.

The best part is our process is fast. We understand that small business owners often cannot afford to wait the months that it takes traditional banks to approve or deny a loan. That’s why our working capital approval process takes no longer than 24 hours. So, if you are approved for a fast working capital from iBusiness Funding, you have access to your funds within 3 business days. And, we don’t tell you how to spend your money. So, if you need to catch-up on payroll you can. Or, if you want to provide free training to help keep your employees up to date on the latest industry practices, you can. You have freedom to use your funds the way your business needs.

If you are tired of waiting to take your business to the next level contact iBusiness Funding today. Our simple online application will have you on your way to the funds you can use to treat your employees right in as little as a couple days.

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