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4 Lessons Tetris Can Teach You About Running a Business

Today Tetris celebrates its 33rd anniversary. If you are one of the few people that are unfamiliar with the game, where is a summary. The games has been widely popular since it was first released. It has been available for computers and just about every gaming system that has been on the market. If you are unfamiliar with the game you can get a quick summary here. While you may want to blow it off as just a game, there are several parallels between Tetris and owning a business. Business can be challenging and so is Tetris. Keep reading if you are a business owner in need of fast working capital.

1. It builds upon itself.

The entire game of Tetris is about the blocks building upon each other. But, it is also about the small successes turning into big successes. There are times when you can stack the blocks just right where you get a big win, but for the most part the small wins in Tetris will help you move further along. If you are always trying to stack the blocks in a way that allows you to eliminate several rows at once, it will eventually defeat you.

How does that translate over to business? The small successes in business will add up to great success. If you are only focused on getting the big wins in your business, you will miss the small opportunities that are going to set you up for future success. The key to having a successful business is to celebrate the small wins because they will build upon each other and lead you to reach your big business goals.

2. You can overcome small mistakes.

While playing Tetris a few small mistakes are usually things that you can overcome. If you accidentally place a piece in the wrong position you will almost always have a chance to correct it if you work strategically to do so. You will not lose the game because of a couple mistakes. But, if you don’t work to correct your mistakes you will continue to repeat them.

Every business owner is going to make mistakes from time to time. It happens. However, you can work hard to correct your mistakes. It isn’t always easy, but it is usually possible. Sometimes you have to get creative when looking for ways to overcome your mistakes. If you have made a few financial decisions that have left you in need of fast working capital, an alternative business loan could be the answer you are looking for.

3. You need good time management.

Time is precious when you are playing Tetris. As the pieces are falling into place you need to be using every second that you have. Allowing yourself to be distracted for even a second can change the course of your game. As you move up in the Tetris levels the pieces begin to fall faster and faster. Time management becomes even more important. This is also true for business.

Business owners wear many hats. Time management is crucial to helping your business succeed. You need to be aware of your deadlines so you don’t risk missing them.  You also need to know how long your tasks take you in order to properly plan to meet your goals. If you need access to fast working capital, applying for a traditional bank loan is not going to set you up for success. Budget your time appropriately to win with your business.

4. You need to see the big picture and have a plan.

When you are playing Tetris you have to be able to see the big picture as you place every piece that falls. If you are only thinking about the exact piece that you have you will quickly run out of the right places to put them. When you can see the big picture you are able to see how each smaller piece works together and you will know where the best place for each piece is.

When you own a business you need a business plan. Some owners are under the impression that business plans are outdated because of new technology, but they are wrong. Business plans help owners to see the big picture of their business. Seeing the big picture of your business will help you to know how to make all of the small decisions that you are faced with on a daily basis.

How a Fast Working Capital Loan Plays into Your Big Picture

As you work on growing your business with the big picture in mind, you might need access to some fast working capital to help you along the way. The majority of small businesses face a period of growing pains when their finances are not able to keep up with the business growth they are experiencing. If you are focused on the big picture of growth you need to find a way to obtain the working capital you need to continue growing.

iBusiness Funding offers access to fast working capital through merchant cash advances. The loans are great for small businesses for the following reasons:

  • Easy to meet requirements. You only need to be opened for six months and have $10,000/monthly revenue to qualify.
  • No requirements for your personal credit history.
  • No personal collateral required.
  • The approval process is fast. Your application can be approved and funded within 72 hours.
  • You can use the funds as you see fit. You have the flexibility to spend the funds where your business needs it most.
  • Repayment is made easy through small daily payments from your merchant revenue.

If you are ready to change the future of your business with some fast working capital to grow your business, contact iBusiness Funding today.

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