Denis Waitley is credited with saying, “If you are not networking, you’re not working.” While there is a lot of truth to this statement, there is a lot more to it. There is a big difference between networking the right way and simply wasting your time. Properly networking leads to valuable business contacts and a relationship that is mutually beneficial. So, how do you network the right way?

You have to talk to others

This might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it’s something that business people get wrong on a regular basis. Showing up to a networking event, eating appetizers, roaming around the room, and then leaving is not networking. When you know you will be attending an event you need to cultivate a plan.

Think about what value you can bring to others that will be attending the event. Is there anyone that you want to target out? Is there someone that you can offer to help? Or a connection that you know would be a good fit for both sides? And, if you find yourself talking to someone that you weren’t expecting, be all-in on the conversation. Remember that you never know what connections someone has. You might be surprised at a great connection that you are able to make in an unexpected place.

Focus on the other person

Too many people show up at a networking event looking for what they can get out of the situation. They are only out to better their business situation. People can pick up on this situation in an instant, and they don’t like it. The best way to make a connection when you are networking is to focus on the person you are talking to.

Ask them questions to learn more about their business. Look for the ways that your talents and skill match up with what they are looking for. Can you help them out with an area of their business? Keep your focus on what you can do for them instead of automatically trying to figure out what they can do for you. If you take the time to invest in them, in the long-run it is going to benefit you as well.

Don’t always talk to the same people

It is more comfortable to talk to people that you already know, but it is not as beneficial. It can be good to have multiple conversations when working to build a relationship, but if you are always talking to the same people at networking events you will never expand your network. Spend some time mingling with people you have never met before.

If you find yourself struggling to talk to different people try setting a goal for each event. Choose how many people you want to have real conversations with before you leave the event. Then you will find yourself moving around the room more as you try to meet your goal.

Don’t be afraid to talk about other topics

Everyone networks for the sake of building their business connections right? That is true, but that doesn’t mean that you need to talk about work nonstop. Some of the best connections are established through shared interests, not necessarily related to work. People want to do business with people they like. Maybe you are both fans of the same sports team. Or, maybe your children attend the same school. People are more willing to help those that they have a personal connection with.

In order to do this ask lots of questions to learn more about the person. Purposefully look for a connection that you can make with them. If you both like craft beer than you can always set up a follow-up off-hours dinner at a local brewery.

Be confident

Networking is one of the things that many people dread more than anything. This makes them anxious and nervous as they go into the event. This leads to either being too fearful to talk to others, or talking to the people that you are already comfortable with. Instead, do the opposite. Choose to be confident. If you don’t feel confident, fake it ’til you make it. Stand up tall, put your shoulders back, smile, and make eye contact with people when you walk around the room. Then, be yourself when you are talking to others.

Don’t forget your business cards

This seems obvious when you are networking, but it is all too common that people forget to bring their cards. Don’t be that person. There is no reason to try networking and building relationships if you aren’t going to provide them with an easy way to contact you. Keep cards in your pocket or your purse. When you are finished speaking with someone ask them for their card. The majority of people are going to ask for your card in return.

The best way to leverage networking in your favor is to focus on benefiting someone else. Work to make real connections with other people. See how you can assist them with their goals before asking them to do the same in return. True networking is about making connections. You never know when a connection you have is going to be able to benefit your business.


The year 2017 has flown by! We are well underway in the last quarter, which means the holiday season is quickly approaching. If you have been to any big box stores lately you noticed that the Christmas decorations are out along with the Halloween ones. For many businesses, this is the busiest time of the year. Consumers purchase presents, look for deals for themselves, and businesses look to spend the remainder of their 2017 budget prior to losing it at the end of the year.

The fourth quarter is the time of year when some businesses bring in the majority of their revenue. If this is your business or if you want it to increase your holiday sales, it’s time to gear up. This checklist can help you make the most of the holiday season:

Checklist Item #1 Get organized

Once the holiday rush has started it’s too late to get organized. At that point, you will just be working to keep up with the business. Now is the best time to get organized. Make sure you have proper systems in place to handle everything from sales and shipping to customer service and follow-up. The holidays are a busy time for most people and you want to give your customers the best experience possible in the midst of the craziness.

If you don’t have a small business management system in place here are a few good ones to look into:

If you sign up now you will have time to complete training and get comfortable with the system prior to the rush.

Checklist Item #2 Hire extra help

Extra business needs extra work for you and your staff. If you can afford to bring in some extra help your staff will thank you. There are many people that are interested in picking up extra work around the holiday season. Try looking for college students that are on break between semesters. They are only looking for work over their break and won’t mind when you can’t keep them once the busy season is finished.

Hiring extra help during the holiday season is also a great way to test out some new workers. If you think that you will be seeing growth in 2018 and will want extra staff you can hire people as temp employees throughout the holidays and if they are good workers you can offer them positions once the season has passed. If it turns out your temporary workers are not ones that you will want to keep long-term, no harm done.

Here are a few ideas on how to find holiday help for your business:


Checklist Item #3 Stock up on inventory

Look at your past years to see what type of business you were doing during the holidays. This will help you to estimate what type of increase in sales you can expect for this holiday season. Take into consideration any sustained growth that you have achieved throughout the year as well. You do not want to chance running out of products that customers want during the holiday season (or ever).

Purchase your raw materials and shipping materials in bulk to save money. Walk through your process from start to finish so you have everything you need on hand. This will reduce the amount of stress you and your employees experience and the wait time that your customers receive before receiving your product.

Checklist Item #4 Decide on discounts and a marketing campaign

Consumers always want a great price, but during the holiday season, they are expecting to find discounts and promotions. Get creative to come up with something that will set yourself apart from your competition. It could be a special sale or the introduction of a new product. Look for a deal that your target market will love and then develop a plan to promote it.

Build anticipation for a big sale by starting early. Once November hits start advertising the sale that you will hold or special price that you will offer. Find where your target market spends time and then spread the word. Hit social media with news of your upcoming promotion. Send out an email blast to your list. Don’t forget about your previous customers. Come up with a special promotion just for consumers that have purchased from you before.

Don’t forget to plan for 2018

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the rush of the holiday season. But, don’t forget that 2018 is right around the corner. Make sure you invest some of your time during the fourth quarter into preparing for the start of 2018. Set your business goals for the upcoming year. Break them into actionable items and develop a plan to help you and your staff reach them. A little strategic planning will go a long way in getting you off to a good start in 2018.


The holiday rush is almost upon us and that thought brings stress to many business owners. The extra revenue from increased sales is a bonus, but the extra work for a staff that is already topped out can be too much. The best thing to do is to hire a seasonal staff to come in and assist during the busy holiday season. However, hiring good workers is hard enough, so how do you hire a good staff that is only with you for a season?

Don’t hire just anyone

While you might feel desperate for help do not just hire the first person that comes through the door. Put together a description of the job you are trying to fill and the requirements you have for the staff that you hire, even if they are just temporary workers. It is far more stressful to bring in bad holiday help than it is to work short-handed through the holiday season. Create a process to interview your seasonal workers to assure they are going to be able to handle the job that you are hiring them to do.

Talk to your best customers first

Who better to hire than someone that already loves what your business does? Check with your current customers to see if any of them are interested in working for your company through the holiday season. Many people are happy to work at retail stores throughout the holidays to receive an additional discount on their purchases at the store. Put this strategy to work for your company by hiring people that already like to do business with you. Your customers are familiar with your products and services. They are already fans of your company, which makes them a great addition to your staff.

Look for college students studying your industry

The holidays are when many college students return home to take a break in between semesters. This makes them great candidates for seasonal help. If you find students that are studying in areas of your industry this idea works even better. You can help a college student gain experience in an area they would like to work in the future while filling a spot you need to be filled in your business in the present. You can build relationships with the students that are good workers to see if they would be interested in returning over the summer or for the next holiday season. If you build good relationships you may be able to keep the same students coming back year after year, thus eliminating your need to search for extra hands next year.

Start your search early

The early bird gets the worm and the early business person finds the best help. Do not wait until you are in the middle of the holiday rush to start looking for good workers. By the time you start looking the best candidates will already be working for other companies. Start your search early in November. This will give you time to pick and choose instead of jump to hire the first applicant that comes your way. Put the serious applicants through the same process you would for hiring a regular employee. Do not skip out on background checks because you think your holiday help will not be with you long-term.

If you start early you will have time to train your holiday help before just tossing them into the mix. Many retail stores bring on additional staff during the holiday season and then tell them to straighten the clothes. Some stores are swarming with holiday “help” that is doing nothing more than costing the company money. Start early, find good employees, and then train them to do the job you want them to do.

Put social media to work for you

Tell social media that you are looking for help during the upcoming holiday season. This is one of the fastest ways to spread the word about your openings quickly. People that see your post are more than happy to share it or tag their friends and families that are looking for employment. If you are having a lot of trouble filling the openings you can even run an ad on social media and target it directly to the description of the workers you are looking for.

When people hear “social media” the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram come to mind. When it comes to your job postings you will want to include LinkedIn. This is a site that many people use specifically for trying to find a job.

Social media is also helpful to see what type of employee you are hiring. Do a little research and see what you can find out about them. If they are recommended on LinkedIn you have a good idea that this person is a safe bet to hire.

Turn your employees into recruiters

Your current employees know the company and what the job requires. So, why not turn your employees in job recruiters? Entice employees to refer friends and family to apply for the job. Reward good referrals (ones you hire and work through the holiday) with a bonus for doing so. Since your employee is invested in the company they will not want to connect their name with a bad referral. They are also able to paint an accurate description of the job for the person they refer so you can feel more confident that they will not be caught off guard by the work.

Extra sales during the holiday season should be a good thing. Do not allow the stress of the season to rob you of that. Hiring the right holiday help will be the difference between you enjoying a busy holiday season, or you dreading the season.


You aren’t the only one. Every worker has one of those coworkers. No matter how hard you try to get along with them, or just avoid them, they just continue to irritate you. That’s why October 23rd is designated as National Slap Your Coworker Day. As good as it would feel to be able to act on your irritation if you want to keep your job, and avoid assault charges, you should try these tips instead:

Pinpoint what is so irritating

There are times when you know someone is irritating you, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. You can’t determine what it is about them exactly that drives you crazy, they just do. The first thing you need to do it figure out why they bother you so much.

You can’t address the problem until you know exactly what the problem is. Once you realize exactly why they irritate you it removes a little of the sting from their actions.

Think about your reaction

How do you react to this person? What can you learn about yourself from the way that you react? Sometimes we are irritated by our own insecurities. When we are forced to interact with people that are overly confident it bothers us and it isn’t because of anything the person is doing wrong, but how we feel about ourselves. In this case, the irritation that you are feeling is actually something that you will need to work on in yourself. Work on recognizing your accomplishments and successes so you can build your confidence. Once this happens you will find yourself being less irritated, or not irritated at all, with your coworker.

Another way that your reaction can help you fix a situation with an irritating coworker is to see if you are doing something that encourages them to continue acting in that way. If a coworker irritates you because they are making inappropriate jokes and act disrespectfully but you laugh at their behavior you are encouraging them to continue. Double check to assure that you are not acting in a way that eggs them on to continue with their behavior.

Find out what’s behind the behavior

Have you ever heard that hurting people hurt people? It’s true and sometimes realizing that can help you deal with people that irritate you. Get to know a little about the person and their personal life. Try to see things through their eyes. Sometimes when you know more about where someone is coming from you can understand their irritating behavior more. Someone that is desperate to be included in the group might have been the victim of bullying while they were growing up. Someone that is always bragging about their accomplishments might actually be extremely insecure and looking for approval from others.

With some coworkers being able to identify why they are acting the way they are, it helps you to handle them better.

Avoid it when you can

If a coworker is really bothering you do what you can to avoid dealing with them. Get to meetings early to strategically choose your seat so you don’t end up next to them. Stay busy working instead of chatting around the water cooler, or coffee pot. Look for ways to reduce the amount of time that you spend interacting with this coworker.

Be direct and honest

If a coworker is irritating you and they are just not getting the hint you may need to be honest and direct with them. Let them know that you don’t appreciate the jokes they are telling. Or, if you are dealing with an overly chatty coworker let them know that you are working on a project and don’t have time to visit at the moment. Set boundaries with your coworkers to create a better work environment for yourself. Make sure that you are professional in the way that you handle the situation. Do not cross over the line and end up starting an argument. You do not want to turn an irritating situation worse when you have to work with the person day after day.

Go up the ladder if you need to

There is a big difference between an irritating coworker and one that is making inappropriate advances or comments. If you find yourself in this situation do not allow it to continue. Report this type of activity to an HR department or the boss that is directly above you. Make sure to document every situation that occurs to protect yourself and your position.

Everyone has dealt with an irritating coworker. Slapping them can sound like a great idea, but will not accomplish what you really want it to. Instead look for ways to diffuse the situation, whether it is the coworker or yourself that makes the changes. And, don’t forget the old trick of counting to 10, when all else fails close your eyes, breathe deep and start counting.


Today the people all around are celebrating World Teacher Day. Teachers are difference makers in this world and need to be recognized. Chances are you wouldn’t be reading these words right now if it weren’t for a teacher. Most people have at least one teacher that stands out to them from their school years. A teacher that invested in, supported and inspired them. They were a great example and one you should follow. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be a teacher to your employees. Here’s how you can use your working capital to do just that:

First things first

The first step in making a change is shifting your thinking. If you are too afraid to teach your employees everything you know there is a problem. Business owners that operate like this do it because they are afraid of their employees taking over or leaving to start their own business. Thus becoming a competitor. Could that happen? Possibly, but the truth is, real leaders are always bringing up new leaders. You should always be investing in your staff and helping them to learn and grow.

Find out what they are interested in

It’s hard to invest in someone if you don’t know what they want to do. When you think back to that teacher whose encouragement meant so much to you, they most likely encouraged you in something you were interested in. Many people try to push you into doing things you don’t want to do with your life. The people that make a real difference in your life are the ones that encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Take the time to find out what goals your employee has in life and in business. Then, take the time to help them pursue it. Look for ways to encourage them in their efforts.

Help them develop confidence

A great teacher helps their students develop true confidence. You should do the same for your employees. Teach them to develop confidence through recognizing their successes each day. Help them celebrate the things that they are accomplishing on a daily basis. By teaching your staff to do this you also benefit by developing a culture of success within your organization.

Invest in their knowledge

Employees appreciate when you invest in them by providing them with training. This shows them that you believe in them and their abilities. Putting some of your working capital towards employee training accomplishes the following:

  1. Develops the relationship between you and your employee
  2. Provides your employees with training they can use now and in the future
  3. Benefits your company by having employees that are more skilled in their area

There are multiple ways to train your employees. You could bring in an outside consultant for a seminar or send them to a training event. You could also provide tuition reimbursement for college courses. Work on putting together a plan that you can follow to provide your employees with proper training.

Allow them room to succeed or fail

The thought of your employees making a mistake or failing is hard to take as a business owner. After all, you are ultimately responsible for what your employees do. However, no employee likes to be micromanaged. If you want to be a better boss you need to teach your employee how to do their job the right way, provide them with the resources they need, and then step back. If you have done the first two steps correctly you can confidently allow your employees to do their jobs on their own.

As you step back and your employees succeed they will build confidence for the future. This will allow them to look at ways to improve and expand upon the job they are already doing. They will have the courage to make suggestions and improvements to processes. If they fail, you can use it as a learning opportunity on how to handle the situation in the future.

How your working capital can help

You need working capital to run your business. And, you can use your working capital to be a better boss. Here are some ideas on how your working capital can help you be a better boss:

If your business is struggling to maintain the working capital that it needs this can be a difficult situation. However, iBusiness Funding can help you get the working capital you need to grow your business and be a better boss. Contact us to see how you can get started today.

“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.” Everyone has heard this quote that Neil Armstrong made famous as he stepped down onto the moon. Being the first man to walk on the moon – who can compete with that? Neil Armstrong will forever be remembered for this great achievement. But, what people typically fail to see is the fact that this massive achievement was made possible because of all the small achievements that Armstrong had. You might be struggling to get the working capital for small business that you need today, but it doesn’t need to stop you from your future dreams.

Start Small But Shoot for the Moon

Neil Armstrong did not just wake up one day and decide to go walk on the moon. There was a long path that took him there, but it was full of small achievements. Armstrong received his pilot’s license when he was 16. He participated in the Boy Scouts. He went to college. Then he was drafted into the military and became a certified naval pilot. When he was finished serving he completed his college degree. He worked as a test pilot.

Running a successful business is hard. When you struggle with the daily challenges of keeping your business going it can be hard to think about one-day having great success. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on it. It’s important to have big dreams for your business. These dreams are what will propel you to keep going through the tough times. But, while you are dreaming big, you need to start working on the small successes. Each small victory that your business has will move you forward to achieving your big goal.

If you dream of having a business with an unlimited budget, you have to start somewhere. If you are struggling to make ends meet within your business right now, obtaining additional working capital for small business can help you work towards that big dream.

Pursue What You Love

Run a business that you love. Owning and operating a business is hard. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, the challenges are going to seem even larger. Neil Armstrong loved flying. He actively pursued his passion for flight from a young age. He looked for opportunities to work in the field. If he was not passionate about the work do you think he would have ever stayed motivated enough to do the things he needed to in order to reach getting to be the first person to step foot on the moon? Absolutely not. His passion motivated him to keep going.

If you aren’t passionate about your business it will be easy to quit when times get tough. But, if you love what your business is doing, you will look for ways to keep going. Your passion for what you do will propel you forward in your business. Instead of running a business that sucks the energy out of you, it will feed into you and motivate you to keep going.

Don’t Let Failure Stop You

Armstrong once said, “There can be no great accomplishment without risk.” There is also another lesson that says “nothing worth having is easy”. Failure will come in one way or another at some point in your business. You may have a rough start getting your business off the ground. Maybe one of your products or services ends up a complete flop on the first try. Or, maybe you run out of the finances that you need to hire the staff to take on additional business. Whatever it is, don’t let failure stop you.

Neil Armstrong didn’t always find immediate success. When he first applied for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) he was denied. The man that ends up being the first person in the world to walk on the moon was rejected. That sounds crazy, but it happened. But, the important thing is, he didn’t let it stop him and you shouldn’t let your rejections, failure, and challenges stop you either.

iBusiness Funding Has You Covered

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Today is referred to as Helen Keller day, it is the day that she was born back in 1880. At the very least, people know Helen Keller for overcoming being both blind and deaf, however, there are so many things she accomplished besides that. There are a lot of obstacles that stand in the way of small business owners, like trying to obtain working capital to keep the business growing, however Keller faced obstacles unlike anything the majority of us will ever face. The way that she lived her life left us with many lessons that we can learn from her, including the following:

Have a Vision

One of Helen Keller’s famous quotes is, “It’s a terrible thing to see, and have no vision!”. If anyone can learn from this, it’s an entrepreneur. When you take the risk of starting a business you need to have a strong vision that keeps you motivated. Dream, imagine, and see where you want your business to go. The ability to have vision is what is going to help you make smart business decisions, including where to spend your working capital.

Nothing is Out of Reach

Helen Keller ended up blind and deaf when she was only 18 months old. Yet, she ended up traveling all around the world to speak and had 12 books published. No one could have imagined, including Helen Keller, when she was a child that her name would be recognized by Americans and people around the world for generations to come. However, nothing is out of reach, and she didn’t let anything stop her. She was the first blind and deaf person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is even featured on the Alabama quarter, which is the only one to include braille.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Yourself

When difficult times come, which they will at some point or another for small businesses, you have two choices.  You can either feel sorry for yourself or you can work hard to overcome the problem. It would have been easy for Helen Keller to sit and feel sorry for herself. She wouldn’t even have to work to tune out people trying to help her since she couldn’t see or hear. But, she didn’t. She overcame the frustration as a child of learning the names for items by having them spelled with sign language into her hand. But, as is told in the stories about her, once the light came on in her head that every object had a different name, she was desperate to learn them all.

She soaked in new information and she continued to overcome one obstacle after the next. When you stop and think about the obstacles you are facing, and then think about what Keller overcame, you quickly realize that your obstacles are nothing compared to hers. The stress of obtaining working capital you need to run your business is nothing compared to not having your sight or sound.

Focus on Your Successes and the Positive Things

Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow.” As you work through the obstacles of the small business world you can choose to see the glass as half full, or half empty. Those that succeed are the ones that focus on the positive. At the end of each day, take the time to reflect on your success from the day.

Remind yourself of your achievements. If you have built up enough working capital in your business to rise up a level, take time to celebrate it.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Helen Keller was friends with people that made a difference, like Alexander Graham Bell and Mark Twain, to name a few. She also had great companions that helped her throughout life, including the Anne Sullivan, the teacher who is famous for teaching her to communicate.

If you surround yourself with people that are accomplishing a lot in life it will help you rise up as well. If you surround yourself with people that are negative, it is easy to become negative as well. Look at the results that the people in your life are getting. Do you want the same results in your life?

As a business owner, find a mentor that has a business that is further along than yours. Take the advise of strong business owners that make good decisions in their business. If you model your business after a business that struggles and doesn’t have the working capital they need, you may find yourself in the same boat.

Applying it to Your Business

Is your business facing big obstacles? If so, each day can feel exhausting, but don’t let it stop you. You need to stay focused and work to overcome each challenge as it arises. If your business could use additional working capital to overcome the obstacles of growing, iBusiness Funding can help. They provide working capital to small businesses to help them stay focused and work towards their big visions. Find out how iBusiness Funding can help your business today with our quick online form.

There is a long list of things that “they” say you need to have in order for your business to succeed. The list includes things like: a website optimized for SEO, social media accounts to engage with people, the right technology, a staff that provides great customer service, and the list goes on. But, the truth is even if you have all of those things and the best product or service to sell, your business can’t survive without working capital.

Many small businesses struggle with having the working capital they need. The receivables seem to come in the moment the payables are due. And, there comes a point when the business cannot grow any more because there is not enough money to get ahead. Small business loans can help provide companies with the working capital they need. However, many small businesses are denied loans due to the long list of requirements that the bank has. iBusiness funding offers alternative working capital to help fill the gap for small businesses. How can working capital help your business grow?

Allows You to Hire the Staff that You Need to Grow

As small businesses begin to grow they usually run into a point where they can no longer take on additional work with the staff that they currently have. The obvious solution is to hire more people, however, the finances aren’t there to be able to pay them. It’s the perfect catch 22. You need people to make money, but you need money to hire people.

If you have been dreaming of seeing your business grow, it’s time to get access to the working capital you need. Whether you need to hire someone with a specialized degree to fill an important role, or just need a larger workforce to ramp up business you need the finances to keep moving forward.

Working Capital from iBusiness Funding gives you the freedom to use the funds anyway that you see fit to grow your business, including being able to meet a growing payroll.

Allows You to Bid on Larger Projects and Fill Larger Orders

If you don’t have the liquidity that you need in your business you might find yourself unable to bid on larger jobs or struggling to fill larger orders. Bigger jobs mean more supplies. If you have clients that are not paying upfront for their products or services how are you going to cover the expenses of the job until you receive payment? You won’t unless you have access to working capital.

What if you only have a temporary lapse in your ability to cover your expenses on a big job? With a working capital from iBusiness Funding you can get access to the capital that you need fast. The entire process can be completed in as little as 72 hours. That means you can wait to see if you get that big job before getting your funds. Traditional lenders can take months to approve a small business loan. That means you need to start the process of trying to get your loan long before you need access to the funds.

Allows You to Build the Web Presence that You Need to Grow

It’s true that word of mouth is the best advertising. However, word of mouth is happening online nowadays. That means your business needs to have a strong web presence. Just having a website is no longer enough. Now you need to have a website that is optimized to be found easily by the search engines. Social media marketing is becoming more popular, and more necessary for businesses, which means your business needs to be present on social media. The vast majority of consumers research a company online before choosing to do business with them.

It costs money to build a strong website, and it take time to build a social media presence. It is helpful to have someone on staff dedicated to your marketing plan and online content marketing, or the funds to hire a marketing company to handle the task for you. Funds from your working capital can help cover the costs. The internet allows you to expand your target market, and reach more people with your products and services.

What Could You Do if you had the Working Capital to do it?

How could your business grow with working capital? What’s the one thing you have been wanting to do with your business, but couldn’t because of finances? Do you have an idea for a new product? Are you interested in offering a new service? It’s time to stop wondering and dreaming about what could be in your business and start taking the steps to achieve it.

iBusiness Funding offers small businesses the working capital that can help turn your business dreams into reality. Unlike traditional loans, the process is both fast and easy. Businesses that have been open for 6 months, that have $10,000 in monthly revenue qualify. Here are some benefits of working capital from iBusiness Funding:

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On this day back in 1911 a company we now know as IBM was founded. No one could have predicted what the company would become, but their innovative thinking has kept them in business for 106 years. Most people know IBM is known for technology, but many do not realize just how much they have really done. With such an impressive history we cannot let this day go by without acknowledging how much we can learn from IBM’s innovative thinking. With innovative thinking and working capital for small business, companies everywhere can find success. Here are some reasons to model your company after IBM.


When Thomas Watson came to Computing – Tabulating – Recording Company (CTR, which later became IBM) back in 1914 he introduced them to the slogan “think”. When he came up with the slogan at his previous place of employment he refused to expand on what it meant. He wanted people to look at it, figure it out, and put it into action. He is quoted as saying, “By think I mean take everything into consideration. I refuse to make the sign more specific. If a man just sees THINK, he’ll find out what I mean. We’re not interested in a logic course.”

The company has carried this slogan through since that time. However, it can be applied to any and every business, small or large. Many times if you stop to think and consider the possibilities your solution will present itself. But, if you rush through making decisions and run on auto-pilot you might overlook the best options for your business. As an example, if you need a small business loan, but are being denied by traditional lenders you do not need to give up. Thinking outside of the box can help you see that an alternative working capital can provide you with the working capital for small business that you need.

They Create

You can make money by mimicking an idea from another business, or you can create your own solutions. For the past 24 years, IBM has received more patents every year than any other company. Thinking leads them to creating. We all know where they have done with computers. But, did you know they were behind the following inventions:

These are just a few of the many inventions that you would recognize. There are many more that will not mean as much to you if you are not familiar with computers and technology. But, either way, they look for problems and create solutions, which is a great lesson for every business. Instead of just doing the same old thing, look for opportunities to create something new.

They Grow

Every new startup faces the challenges involved with growing. They reach a point of having to decide whether they are going to maintain their current level of business, or are they going to do what they need to in order to continue growing. Growth is not usually easy within a company. But, can you imagine if IBM decided not to continue growing? How many inventions, products, and services would the world be deprived of if IBM decided just to maintain what they had?

Through overcoming the challenges of growing a business, you find even more chances to grow and expand. It builds upon itself. If you give up on overcoming growth challenges your business will slowly start to decline. It is very difficult to just “maintain” as a business if you are not pursuing growth. IBM has grown from a small startup, like any other company, to one that now expands across the globe. They continue pursuing improvement to their current products and services, as well as new ones.

Never be satisfied with where you are in your industry. Always have growth goals. Look for ways that your company can expand and for new problems you can solve. Don’t be afraid to push through the growing pains of your business. It will stretch you and feel tight for a short time, but the benefits are worth it.

Overcoming the Challenges

Working capital for small business is one of the largest obstacles that companies face. You may be great at thinking, creating, and are ready to grow, but lack the finances to make it all happen. Obtaining a traditional small business loan from a bank poses an even larger challenge. Many small businesses fail to meet the requirements and are tied up in a lengthy process that only leads to denial. iBusiness Funding took some time to think, and created a way to help small businesses get the funding they need.

Working capital can provide the funds to small businesses that need the help to overcome the growth challenge. The approval process is fast and easy, and you can use the funds anyway that you like to grow your company. Apply now and you could have access to the funds within 72 hours. Start the process today that will help your company think, create, and grow.

Today Tetris celebrates its 33rd anniversary. If you are one of the few people that are unfamiliar with the game, where is a summary. The games has been widely popular since it was first released. It has been available for computers and just about every gaming system that has been on the market. If you are unfamiliar with the game you can get a quick summary here. While you may want to blow it off as just a game, there are several parallels between Tetris and owning a business. Business can be challenging and so is Tetris. Keep reading if you are a business owner in need of fast working capital.

1. It builds upon itself.

The entire game of Tetris is about the blocks building upon each other. But, it is also about the small successes turning into big successes. There are times when you can stack the blocks just right where you get a big win, but for the most part the small wins in Tetris will help you move further along. If you are always trying to stack the blocks in a way that allows you to eliminate several rows at once, it will eventually defeat you.

How does that translate over to business? The small successes in business will add up to great success. If you are only focused on getting the big wins in your business, you will miss the small opportunities that are going to set you up for future success. The key to having a successful business is to celebrate the small wins because they will build upon each other and lead you to reach your big business goals.

2. You can overcome small mistakes.

While playing Tetris a few small mistakes are usually things that you can overcome. If you accidentally place a piece in the wrong position you will almost always have a chance to correct it if you work strategically to do so. You will not lose the game because of a couple mistakes. But, if you don’t work to correct your mistakes you will continue to repeat them.

Every business owner is going to make mistakes from time to time. It happens. However, you can work hard to correct your mistakes. It isn’t always easy, but it is usually possible. Sometimes you have to get creative when looking for ways to overcome your mistakes. If you have made a few financial decisions that have left you in need of fast working capital, an alternative business loan could be the answer you are looking for.

3. You need good time management.

Time is precious when you are playing Tetris. As the pieces are falling into place you need to be using every second that you have. Allowing yourself to be distracted for even a second can change the course of your game. As you move up in the Tetris levels the pieces begin to fall faster and faster. Time management becomes even more important. This is also true for business.

Business owners wear many hats. Time management is crucial to helping your business succeed. You need to be aware of your deadlines so you don’t risk missing them.  You also need to know how long your tasks take you in order to properly plan to meet your goals. If you need access to fast working capital, applying for a traditional bank loan is not going to set you up for success. Budget your time appropriately to win with your business.

4. You need to see the big picture and have a plan.

When you are playing Tetris you have to be able to see the big picture as you place every piece that falls. If you are only thinking about the exact piece that you have you will quickly run out of the right places to put them. When you can see the big picture you are able to see how each smaller piece works together and you will know where the best place for each piece is.

When you own a business you need a business plan. Some owners are under the impression that business plans are outdated because of new technology, but they are wrong. Business plans help owners to see the big picture of their business. Seeing the big picture of your business will help you to know how to make all of the small decisions that you are faced with on a daily basis.

How a Fast Working Capital Loan Plays into Your Big Picture

As you work on growing your business with the big picture in mind, you might need access to some fast working capital to help you along the way. The majority of small businesses face a period of growing pains when their finances are not able to keep up with the business growth they are experiencing. If you are focused on the big picture of growth you need to find a way to obtain the working capital you need to continue growing.

iBusiness Funding offers access to fast working capital through merchant cash advances. The loans are great for small businesses for the following reasons:

If you are ready to change the future of your business with some fast working capital to grow your business, contact iBusiness Funding today.