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iBusiness Funding is not a cold lead generator, we turn a lead into a viable and complete loan package before turning them over to Lenders. Through our direct experience and in supporting a top 7 SBA lender, we have learned how to efficiently screen, package, and process loans of all sizes. We understand the serious investment of time and resources that both Business Owners and Lenders make through the process of acquiring and providing much needed capital.

At iBusiness Funding, we pride ourselves on making the funding process easier for both Business Owner and Lender by guiding borrowers through the process, confusing documents like Personal Financial Statements and Debt Schedules are broken down, simplified and digitized. We understand that a good borrower doesn’t need to be an expert in lending requirements and documentation, so we take the guesswork and frustration out of the process for both sides. Unlike brokers and loan packagers, we do initial due diligence, make precursory loan reviews, and we match a fully packaged loan with the right Lender.


Our approach to funding is based on automation, backed up by hyper-current and relevant data. We have advanced selection criteria to hone on several criteria for borrowers: likelihood of success, engagement, and background/credit. Likelihood of success: We measure loan potential using proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology that draw on updated data to predict this metric. Engagement: We have knowledgeable teams and advanced communication processes along with automated doc collection processes and digital forms that give us a leading edge on going from lead to full loan package in an average of 48 hours. Credit: We do an initial screen on the background of the business and principal(s), identifying disqualifying criteria, scoring personal and business credit, and compiling financial ratios to give lenders enough information to make an informed decision.

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